Why is a business system so important?

If you want to create a successful business that can grow, scale, be highly efficient, productive and be manageable and that you can sell at the best price, you need a business system you can access through the web. A system like this means as a business owner you can step back from the day-to-day micro-managing and start working on the business rather than in it.

Quite often these time-consuming tasks involve updating Excel files. Does this sound familiar? Or someone in the business is using an even more old-school approach and updating a piece of paper. If you use Excel or paper there is no room for automation, sharing efficiently and updating colleagues is a continual battle with endless emails being sent around the office asking the person in charge ‘what’s the latest or X?’. It just become a huge job getting anything done and the business can grind to a halt and errors happen, that take even more time to clear up.

Also, at the end of the day to get a great price for your business, should you wish to sell it, you need to prove that your business will thrive without you and there is potential to grow. This is what a web system can do and has done for our clients. It has not only given them a competitive advantage but got them a great sale price. Some of which have sold their businesses for £15m+.

We do not have any systems, can you help?

If you do not have an existing system, that is fine. After understanding the business requirements, always as part of the next step on a project we would research to see if there is an off the shelf solution that meets your business requirements.  If there is, we can set this up for you, and even build a few extra modules if necessary, that integrates with the system to meet your business requirements. If there is not anything off the shelf suitable, we would only then propose a custom web application.

We already have an existing system; how can you help?

For a lot of businesses there might be an existing web application out there you can use. If you already use one, that is great. However, it might be though it does not do everything your business needs and there are lots of other time-consuming jobs that could be streamlined or even automated.  

What is usually the trigger to using our services?

Quite often we get a call from the business owner who has recognised they need to step back a bit from the business, empower staff with the right systems so they are not involved in overseeing ‘every’ detail of the daily running of the business.  This, quite often, has been what has been holding the business back.  Once they realise this the owner can find themselves liberated and the business becomes enormously gratifying and commercially rewarding.

Building a system sound expensive, we only have small budget can you help?

Our bespoke solutions are aimed at working within the SME business budgets. We just love working with SMEs business that are dynamic, ambitious and where decisions are made fast and we can make a big difference.

The best bit is that you can start small – just build a small web app for as little as £1000 – that helps to resolve the most immediate bottlenecks within the business and you can add further modules as you grow. Typically our clients see the return on the investment within 2-3 months, so the work is a no brainer.

While there is some element of maintenance, this is generally a fraction of the build costs each year.

Can you give us an example of a business you have helped?

Sure, take GoReusable.Org, a new start-up, who were selling eco branded cups. They had three bottlenecks within the business:

  1. They were receiving 10+ enquiries a day from the around the world asking for quotes. This was taking the time of fulltime salesperson to respond and quote.

  2. Prospects before going ahead wanted to see a mock-up of how their cup would look. This was a time-consuming process in Photoshop

  3. Once the jobs were won, the printers would be emailed about the job with the job details.  They would confirm by email go ahead for the job. They would also email back a proof, email when the job was completed, and their finance team would email an invoice. This process was prone to errors with so many emails flying around and limited the amount of orders the company could handle.


The solution was:

  1. To automate the quotes with different pricing logic based on quantities, and country of delivery, saving the salesperson a day of their time and improving the prospects experience by giving them an instant quote.

  2. To set up on the website an instant mock-up maker. Prospects could upload their logo and instantly see how their branded cup would look and save GoReusable from doing this time-consuming job.

  3. To set up a system where all the printer’s jobs could be added and approved by the printer, and all other elements could be tracked and approved, without the need for streams of emails. This removed any chance of a print job slipping through the net, made it easy for all involved at the printers and GoReusable to track jobs and update the progress. The management could check the dashboard and the business could scale.

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About Edward

Edward has a strong technical and business background having studied a BSc Economics at Bath University, and a MSc (Eng.) in Operational Research from Birmingham University. He spent 3 years working for a London consumer marketing consultancy in London called The Henley Centre. After that he worked for GAME,  the computer games retailer, managing an online store. In 2003 he set up his own successful web agency. He now, with his unique experience is able to work solely on helping SMEs benefit from technology to make their businesses manageable, scalable, efficient, and saleable.

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