Branded Caps Are Old Hat!

Branded Bamboo GoReusable Eco Coffee Cups Are In!

Branded Caps Are Old Hat!? Looking for an original, fresh, relevant new marketing giveaway? Then why not giveaway a branded bamboo coffee cup: environmentally friendly, aesthetically pleasing, branded, reusable coffee cups,  wholesale price giving them great retail margins. Simply put - this cup has it all.


It's the perfect, topical marketing gift that recipients will use (and see your brand) every day and will last indefinitely (if treated properly). Also, a perfect gift to employees to use as their own reusable mug in the office so you can dramatically reduce your company's dependency on single-use plastic cups. With this branded gift you are right on message! 


Minimum orders of branded cups - 96

We hold stock of all cups

Plain cups also available to order at wholesale prices with great retail margins!

Each cup comes with 'non-drip' lid, heat-resistant sleeve & GoReusable box!


What makes this cup extra special?
  1.  Branding/logo added on cup between sleeve and lid

  2.  Made from a rapidly renewable resource

  3.  Helps cut out consumer waste

  4.  Reusable indefinitely (if looked after)

  5.  Heat resistant up to 120 degrees

  6.  BPA free

  7.  Naturally sterile, no taste residue

  8.   Reseable 'No-drip' lid

  9. Available in 14oz (400ml -standard size cup) 

  10. Available in 8 colours to reinforce your brand colours: white, blue, red, grey, black, green, orange, yellow

  11. Light weight and easy to hold

  12. The sleeve is reversible - smooth of ridged side can be facing out

Perfect for:
  • Exhibitions, Events & Business Promotional Give-Aways

  • Government & Professional bodies

  • Small to large-sized Brands

  • Coffee Shops, Cafes, Restaurants

  • Schools & Universities

  • Associations & Sports Clubs

  • Galleries, Museums, Zoos

  • Life Style Shops

  • Kitchenware Shops

  • Garden Centres

  • Spas & Gyms