Office Booking System For A Socially Distanced Office

As offices start to re-open, to comply with the social distancing guidelines, offices will only be able to operate with a fraction of the staff in the office at any one time.

This will cause a problem (if not today at some point) as to how do you make sure everyone who wants to work in the office will get a space?


The last thing you want is for staff who have travelled in, to find there is no space available, and then to have to travel back home.


We have rapidly built an online booking system to address this, guarantee staff get a space and where the office administrator can:

  • Set up the daily limit on the number of office spaces available

  • Upload your list of staff you’d like to invite to use this booking system

  • Let your invited staff login to book a space in the office in advance for a particular day (if there is a space still available).

  • View who has booked to come into the office each day.

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