Bamboo Reusable Coffee Cups

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Fully Custom Designed Cups

Ideal for organisations looking for an environmentally friendly, aesthetically pleasing, reusable coffee cups. With the fully custom designed cup you can put any graphic you would like on the cup.


For a cup like this, the minimum order quantity is unusually low at 1,500 cups. At this volume, wholesale prices are mind-bogglingly low giving you great retail margins.


Simply put - this cup will be a hot seller with great margins. 


Unbeatable pricing at £3.65+VAT a cup for 1,500 (min qty).

Lower pricing for higher volumes

Recommended Retail Price £13.50 (that as minimum of 67% retail margin)

Lead times 3-4 months



What makes this cup extra special?
  1. You have the complete control of the colours and graphic design on the cup

  2.  Made from a rapidly renewable resource

  3.  Helps cut out consumer waste

  4.  Reusable indefinitely (if looked after)

  5.  Dishwasher safe (not suitable for microwave)

  6.  Heat resistant up to 120 degrees

  7.  No BPA and phthalate plastic

  8.  Naturally sterile, no taste residue

  9.  The cup comes with GoReusable.Org stamp

  10.  Reseable 'No-drop' lid

  11. Available in 8 oz (225ml)-12oz (340ml -standard size) - 16 oz (450ml) cup sizes

Perfect for:
  • Medium to large retailers and brands

We like a challenge. See how your custom designed cup would look like. Request a free custom designed cup sample.