Licensed reusable coffee cups for brands

Whether you are an established brand or a relatively new brand, if you are looking for a company to partner with to provide branded reusable coffee for your brand cups help is on hand! The Bamboo reusable cup especially lends itself to having a high quality look and feel image on the cup, that will uplift and leave the end consumer feeling as if they belong to a special club.


We can work with any brand, such as:

-High-end brands

-Children's brand



-Football clubs

-Illustrators, cartoonists and artists

-Other clubs, associations and organisations


While we can either work closely with you to deliver that reusuable cup that is just right for your market that you can sell, we can also in some cases do a partnership and give you a percentage of the revenues generated , in the form of royalaties, from your branded cups that we sell to retailers.