We're currently dedicating all our efforts to helping fight the spread of COVID-19 with our COVID-19 response, a solution called 'Cyclops'. While we do this all or our other operations are on hold.


Announcing - Cyclops - The HANDy Reminder
The Body Movement Activated 'Please Wash Your Hands' Message Reminder.


IMPORTANT: to help the NHS one FREE Cyclops is available for each NHS hospital. Schools or other public bodies may also request a free unit but the priority is given to the NHS. 

The challenge:

As everyone knows the most important steps to take at the moment to help prevent the spread of COVID-19 are:
- to wash your hands regularly
- and to keep 2 meters apart 


The solution:

The Cyclops helps to reinforce these messages at exactly the right locations and is a plug and play device ready to use out of the box. It couldn't be easier to use.

Pulling on all our resources we've rapidly developed Cyclops, the talking motion sensor, that by default is set-up to remind people to wash their hands when in washrooms or when near a hand sanitizer dispenser. Place it in the right strategic location to trigger the voice message at the right time and it'll act as a powerful reminder that cannot be ignored. 

Some examples, of how it can be used:
-in the washrooms, by the wash basins or before the exit
-close by hand sanitizers (by building entrances, meeting rooms etc)
-in supermarket, construction, work places, near reception desks it can be used to remind people to keep 2 meters distance.
-plus many more applications.

Cyclops video:



Prices start from £59.99+VAT a unit and comes with one standard message of your choosing pre-installed. It can be battery ( 3 x AAA battery) or mains electric operated. We provide 3 x AAA batteries to get you up and running immediately, and also include a USB cable and a USB 3 pin plug so you can use with the mains.

IMPORTANT note: if using the mains power supply, please remove the 3 x AAA batteries first.

Key features:
- lifts hygiene standards by killing germs and saving lives
- plug and play (30 seconds set-up and you are ready to go)
- low cost
- works by batteries (3 x AAA) or mains
- short delivery times
- 8 standard voice messages to choose from
- 3 settings - off, 'on' standard volume, 'on' high volume
- comes with 3 x AAA batteries, 1 Micro-USB cable (connects from device to USB mains plug), one 3 pin USB plug, quick '2 double sided sticky pads' wall fix
- A bracket at the back of the unit for mounting on the all (you will just need three screws to attach bracket to a wall).

Standard messages:

When you place an order please let us know which standard message you'd like pre-installed:

1. please wash your hands for 20 secs (default message)
2. please use the hand sanitizer

3. please keep 2 meters apart
4. please stay at home
5. please wear a mask
6. please respect the company policy for personal hygiene when using these facilities. Have you washed your hands?
7. it is the responsibility of every employee to ensure high personal hygiene standards are maintained. Have you washed your hands?
8. help stop the spread of germs, have you washed your hands?

If you would like your own message, please let us know the wording or provide the audio in an MP3 format when placing the order. We can set this up for an additional £14.50+VAT per device.



To place an order, or request a free sample or find out more please complete the form below